Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa Cruz Coupons

Click HERE to get coupons for Santa Cruz organic peanut butter and Santa Cruz Organic Celebration Beverage. Thanks Coupon Geek.
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Cashback Opportunities with Discover Card

There are a number of opportunities to earn extra cashback rewards from Discover Card through the holidays:

  • Earn 2% cashback November 15 to December 31 when using your Discover Card for clothing, shoe and jewelry purchases made online or in department stores. Click HERE to sign up for the Double Cashback Bonus program. Combine this with Ebates for some big cashback rewards!

  • Get 5% cashback October through December when using your Discover Card for groceries, dining out, and movie tickets and rentals. Click HERE to sign up for this program.
Be sure to sign up for BOTH programs. You will also need to sign up again when a new program is offered in January. I got burned on this before. I thought I just had to sign up once for the rewards program in general. I lost out on a few months worth of rewards because I didn't sign up again when they changed the program.

You can also earn from 5% to 20% cashback by shopping on Shop Discover. Featured retailers include Target, Barnes and Nobel, and Home Depot.

If you don't already have a Discover Card, you can get one now to take advantage of their current sign-on bonus of $100 cashback when you make $599 in purchases. The Invitation Code is DBYF. You can combine this with the other rewards that everyone gets. That adds up to a lot of rewards!
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Good Deal on Non-Dairy Ice Cream at Publix

Purely Decadent non-dairy ice cream products are 50% off at Publix until Wednesday, November 11. Combine the sale with THIS COUPON for a great deal.

Purely Decadent has soy and coconut milk varieties. It has fewer calories and less fat than traditional ice cream. It's also made with organic ingredients. The cookie dough flavor is gluten free.

Thanks Thrifty Mama.
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