Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our $25 Christmas Tree from Ergle Farm

We "harvested" our Christmas tree today from Ergle Christmas Tree Farm in Dade City. It's a vibrantly-colored, locally-grown 5-foot Christmas tree, and it only cost $25. Even better, it was a fun family experience! Click HERE to see my earlier post about Ergle Christmas Tree Farm.

We were interviewed by a local television reporter while we were there. He said the story will run in the Tampa area on ABC, CBS, and FOX news at 6PM and 11PM. Let me know if you see us on the news!

Here are some pictures of our experience.

The farm provides saws if you choose to cut your own tree. The smallest tree is 5 feet and cost $25.

This was the tree we chose. There were several variety of trees available. We choose ultimately chose this one because it was fuller and had such a nice vibrant green color.

If you prefer, you can purchase a pre-cut tree. They have some beautiful, very big trees.

You can also purchase a potted tree for as little as $30. Unfortunately, the potted trees wouldn't fit in our car, so we went with the cut-it-yourself variety.

Ergle Farm is a charming little country farm with cute touches like this old car.

My children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the goats.

The farm has trees at all stages of growth, from these new seedlings to trees that are 15 to 20 feet tall. I was pleased to find out that for every tree harvested, one to three trees are planted in its place.

There were lots of wide-open spaces for my active boys to run, and run, and run. They also enjoyed playing hide-and-seek in the trees.

We certainly did breath deeply. The farm smelled just like Christmas!

The 5-foot tree just barely fit in our tiny (but fuel-efficient) car.
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