Sunday, October 18, 2009

Register Rewards at Walgreens

I recently became aware of Register Rewards (RR). Ever since, Walgreens has been one of my favorite places to shop. Not familiar with RR? Let me share what I know so far.

Basically, RR are instant rebates that you earn when you buy certain products. They come in the form of a receipt coupon at the end of your transaction. You can use these coupons on future transactions. You don't have to sign up for anything or carry a card. You simply look in the sales flyer for products that will earn RR and buy them.

For example, one of the RR items from the October 18-24 sales flyer is Zantac. It's on sale for $8.99, and you get $9 in register rewards. So, it's essentially free. Better still, if you can find a coupon for that item (such as this online $5-off coupon or the $1-off coupon from 10/18 newspaper) you can actually "make money" on the transaction.


In this case, I made $5. I paid $3.99 out of pocket, and I received a RR for $9 that I can use the next time I shop at Walgreens.

The funny thing is, I don't even need Zantac. I'm not even sure what it does. Why in the world did I buy it, you might ask? Well, the RR I make from this transaction will allow me to buy the things I do need for a much cheaper price. I can donate the items I don't need to charity.

Okay, so is this really worth the trouble? Well, for me it is. Saving money for my family is my job, and I approach the task as such. I'm happy to share the information with others who are interested.

In all honesty, it's actually kind of fun. I kind of feel like I'm playing Monopoly. The trick with RR rewards is to keep it going. Use your existing RR to purchase more items that earn RR, and so on. That way, you are saving more and paying less out of pocket.

Be aware that there is a certain finesse required to using RR effectively. You can't just hand them over like cash, particularly if you are using other coupons for your purchase. The Walgreens register will only allow you use one coupon per item, and a RR counts as a coupon. So if you are purchasing three items, and you have a coupon for one of those items, then you can use two RR coupons.

Also, RR do have an expiration date, and they can't be used for certain things, such as tobacco or alcohol.

Besides what's listed in the weekly sales flyer, Walgreens also has on-going deals that are posted throughout the store (the signs are small, so you have to look closely). Here are some of the ones going on right now that I know of. Some of these could be good money-makers if you have coupons.
  • Robitussin DM To-Go 2pk
    On sale for $2.49, get $2.49 in RR
    $1-off coupon in 9/27 newspaper
  • Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion
    On sale for $6.99, get $6.99 in RR
    50-cent-off coupon in 10/18 newspaper
  • Chapstick Fresh Effects
    On sale for $2.99, get $2.99 in RR
  • Dentek Floss or Floss Picks
    On sale for $2.00, get $2.00 in RR
    Various coupons in 10/11 newspaper
    There are sometimes coupons on the Dentek website
  • Halls Refresh Sugar Free Drops
    On sale for $1.00, get $1.00 in RR
    75-cent-off coupon from 9/27 newspaper
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