Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are You Cloth Pad Curious?

I recently received a free sample of a cloth panty liner from Party in My Pants. Given the delicate subject matter, I'll just say that I loved it and leave it at that. ☺

If you are curious about cloth pads, click HERE to receive a free sample for the cost of shipping ($3.99). Party in My Pants has also offered a 10% discount to Healthy, Green and Frugal readers. Just use the promotional code: MYHEALTH (expires August 20, 2010).

Sometimes they have a Surprise Party option under Sales. If you're not picky about the pattern, you can get a really good price. 

I had never really thought about using cloth pads before, but now it makes perfect sense - they reduce a lot of waste, they save money over time, and they are a lot more comfortable.  By the way, Party in My Pants also offers organic varieties as well as nursing pads and pads for postpartum mothers.
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  1. Oooooo,, Fabulous. I used silk sea sponges and cloth muslin pads when I needed them. they are wonderful indeed. the unbleached muslin are great and infact you can make your own, with your own recycled diapers. yes baby diapers and even tshirts as the covers. wonderful and recycled. plus you can customize them to fit you. that's the best part.

    you just boil them in hotwater or the microwave for a few moments; and then wash them with white vinegar and bluing. they're ready for the next cycle.

    Aside from your fabulous post, I'm planning a Mr Linky for Posts on the Oil Disaster. would you please join us, in writing about the disaster and how it's effected your area or what you think of it personally. we're planning the posts for next sunday May 30th.

    let me know if you're interested please, because we could use your contribution and your support.



  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I have tons of cloth baby diapers. Now I have something to do with them!

  3. I'm not a bit pad girl, but I do use the divacup which I love.