Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cupcake Stands Have Some Green Benefits

Consider using a cupcake stand instead of a traditional cake for your next birthday party, holiday event, or even a wedding celebration. Depending on how it's done, it could be a cheaper, greener, and more convenient way to go.

  • You may be able to reduce (or even eliminate) the need for plates, forks and serving utensils. Guests just take one and eat it!
  • If you are having a party at a park or a location away from home, it's nice not to have to fuss with cutting, serving and distributing the cake. It just saves time and aggrevation.
  • If you use a silicone muffin pan, you won't need generate the waste that comes from the baking cups.
  • You can make some beautiful displays with cupcakes without spending a lot of money.
  • One way to create a unique look is to use some of the unusual-shaped silicone pans (such as hearts, squares, butterflies, etc.).
You can purchase cupcake stands and silicone bakeware at places like Target, Joann, and Michaels. Joann and Michaels both had 40%-off coupons in the Sunday paper on October 11 (expires today).

I also came across the online company, Cupcake Tree that touts their cupcake stand as a greener option because it is made from recyclable materials, is lightweight (which reduces the impact of delivery), and is made from locally-grown materials. Cupcake Tree has some very beautiful pictures of wedding displays (including the picture shown above).
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