Friday, October 16, 2009

Mom, can we make a pie from a pumpkin instead of a can?

Making a pumpkin pie from scratch is actually a lot easier than you might think. Click here for a recipe that is very easy to follow. It even has pictures!

Thanks to my friend, Ronda for this idea. She told me that one of her little boys asked if they could make a pie from the pumpkin instead of from the can.

"Of course I could not possibly say no," said Ronda. What a great mom! Not only was she able to make a healthy dessert for her family, but she created a special family memory in the process.

One way to make a homemade pie a more frugal endeavor is allow your Halloween pumpkin to serve double duty. Opt out of the pumpkin carving so that you can actually eat the pumpkin after Halloween is over. Instead of carving the pumpkin, you might decorate the outside or just leave it plain. Why try to embellish what is already perfect, right?
Mom, can we make a pie from a pumpkin instead of a can?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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