Friday, October 2, 2009

SWAG BUCKS from a Newbie's Perspective

I joined SWAG BUCKS a couple weeks ago after reading about it on various blogs. It's one of those things that's kind of hard to understand until you start doing it. However, the main point is that when you use the SWAGBUCKS site to search the internet (instead of other search engines like Google) you earn reward points that can be redeemed for various things. For example, 45 points will get you a $5 gift card to

One of my favorite bloggers, The Thrifty Mama said she racked up enough SWAGBUCKS over just a few months to buy a Wii Fit. I've only been doing it a couple weeks and I already have 23 points (you can see my running tally on the SWAGBUCKS icon at the bottom of this page).

If you install the SWAGBUCKS toolbar you'll earn 5 points right off the bat. Then use it every time you want to search. It's so fun to watch the little SWAG dollar pop up every so often. I will admit that the searches are a little skewed towards ads. So if you don't like your search result, just try another search engine.

There are plenty of other ways to earn SWAGBUCKS, such as shopping through their website or participating in the contests. If you're concerned about time-suckage, just do the searches to earn points and avoid all the other stuff.

Interested in trying it out? Today is a good day - Friday is MEGA SWAG BUCKS day. You are suppose to be able to earn anywhere from 3 to 100 SWAGBUCKS for searching on Fridays. I have only earned one today, though. Check my tally below later to see if I got lucky!
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