Monday, November 2, 2009


If you don't already know about Ebates let me give you the quick and dirty....

Ebates is a reward program that will give you cash back for online purchases. The next time you are considering buying something online, consider going to the Ebates website first to see if they are offering any special discounts and cash back incentives. If you navigate to the vendor site from the Ebates site, you may be able to earn some cash back.

Only a small percentage of my purchases are made online, but I've managed to earn more than $12 over the past couple weeks through Ebates (I bought some Crocs and a gift certificate). All I have to do is say the word, and they will mail me a check or deposit the money in a pay pal account.

Sign up on Ebates now and earn $5 to get you started.

There are a number of reward programs out there as well that will give you cash back for online purchases, but Ebates is the only one I've had any success with so far.

What online rewards programs have you used? I'd like to hear about your experiences.

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