Monday, November 2, 2009

Publix Specials - October 29 to November 4

It's a pretty decent week for sales at Publix. Lots of BOGOs (buy one get one free).

I only spent $77.65 and saved $47.20.

I'm pretty happy about that, considering that my weekly grocery bill had been lingering around $200 before I really got serious about using coupons. Of course, it's great to save money, but it's also a lot of fun! It's been motivating and inspiring to share tips and success stories with my friends and family. Anyone else want to share their savings for this week?

Here are the best deals I found. Check out the 5 cents for pasta!!
  • Mueller's Whole Grain Pasta is BOGO. Click HERE for a 55-cents-off coupon. Click HERE for $1-off 3 coupon. I got 6 boxes for 5 cents each!!
  • Arnold 100% Whole Grain Bread is BOGO. Click HERE for tips on stockpiling bread.
  • Bryers Ice Cream is BOGO. There was also a coupon in the Sunday paper sometime in October.
  • Near East Couscous is BOGO. Click HERE for a $1-off 2 coupon. They have several whole grain varieties. I got 2 boxes at 60 cents each.
  • Kozy Shack Pudding is BOGO. Unlike the other top brands, Kozy Shack has no trans fat (hydrogenated oil) or high-fructose corn syrup. There was a a coupon in the Sunday paper sometime in October.
  • Green Giant Frozen Vegetables is BOGO. Click HERE for coupons.
  • Sweet Potatoes are 79 cents a pound
  • Corn on the Cob is 8 for $2
  • Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt - I scored another 4 points with their rewards program!
  • Greenwise Organic Milk is on sale for $4.99 a gallon. This is always a big deal for me, because I buy 3 to 4 gallons a week. It's a HUGE portion of my grocery bill. Any tips for saving on organic milk?
Don't forget that you can use two coupons on the BOGO items (one for each item). You can usually print the internet coupons at least two times. Online coupons sometimes disappear without warning (especially the high-value ones), so if you see one you like go ahead and print it.

Also, don't forget to use your Discover card to get 5% cash back on groceries (through December). Make sure you sign up for the program first. Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE to view the Publix weekly ad.
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  1. Since you did ask for advice on organic milk I will give mine. I found a local farmer that sells organic raw milk for $8 a gallon. It is MUCH healthier (do the research) and cheaper than the store bought. Plus my kids love going to the farm to buy it. It is goat milk (taste the same at cow) but I know where I could get the cows milk for the same. I LOVE your blog. Thank you for such a wonderful service.