Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stockpile Smoothie Ingredients and Save

Publix sells pineapple cored and peeled. You could also buy it whole to use for a nice holiday centerpiece before you eat it. If you do this, you can plant the top of the pineapple and grow your own fruit-bearing tree. Click HERE to find out how.

If you use pineapple for smoothies stock up when it's on sale and freeze it. To stockpile pineapple for smoothies, cut it up into small pieces and divide into portions of about one cup. If you don't divide it, it will just freeze into a big clump that you won't be able to use easily. Pineapple is a great ingredient for smoothies, since it's sweet flavor covers over things like spinach and carrots.

Another favorite smoothie ingredient of mine, Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice, can also be stockpiled. Pour it into an ice cube tray. Then you can add your cubes to your smoothie.

Really, you can freeze most any fresh fruit or vegetable that will go rotten before you can use it. I find that it's easier to cut the fruits and peel the bananas before they are frozen.

Fresh Greenwise Organic Spinach also freezes beautifully. They fall into the smoothie like like green snowflakes.

Using a few frozen ingredients is a nice way to make a smoothie more cold and icy without actually having to use ice (which might make it taste watered down).

Click HERE for my favorite green smoothie recipe.
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