Monday, February 22, 2010

Could it Be the Perfect Breakfast?

I had the most delicious breakfast the past two mornings. The best part is that it was really healthy. I challenge you to find a way I could make this meal better. Seriously - any suggestions?

I started with Bob's Red Mill Organic High Fiber Cereal, which is packed full of fiber (10 g), protein (8g), iron, and bunch of other stuff. It even has flax meal! See my blog post, Bob's Red Mill High Fiber Cereal $2.58 on Amazon.

Then I added:
  • a fresh cut-up banana
  • walnuts
  • dried cranberries sweetened with cane sugar
    (not high-fructose corn syrup)
  • drizzle of flax oil
That's it! I did not miss the honey because the banana was sweet enough. I did not miss the butter because the flax oil is just as good, and is a great source of Omega 3-fatty acids.

It was so delicious - it tasted like banana bread!

How could I improve this perfect breakfast? Perhaps the flax meal in the cereal and the flax oil on top may have been too much. Also, I could have used unsweetened cranberries. Hmm... what else?
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