Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Vegan Experiment - Day 7

Yesterday was the last day of My Vegan Experiment. I cut eggs and dairy out of my diet for one week to see if I could hack it, and the verdict is in.... I can! And I intend to continue doing so!

It's still too early to tell if this will be a permanent lifestyle change. However, I'm ready to really dig in, learn, and give it a fair try. I'm so grateful that the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart begins tomorrow (Monday, March 1).

It wasn't nearly as much of a struggle as I thought it would be. I actually learned some profound life lessons this week, which I will share in another blog post.

On Friday I was struggling with low energy and headaches. However, yesterday I started to feel much better. Today I feel fantastic! One major difference is that I've been drinking more water. I also think I may have been experiencing a sort of "detox". A reader told me that the symptoms I was experiencing are common during the transition period, but they should subside within a short time.

Anyway, here is the last food log of my week-long experiment. Aww... I will miss doing this every day!
  • coffee with rice milk
  • black bean burritto from Chipotle with white rice (not ideal!), green peppers, onions, guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes
  • dehydrated vegetable chips from the Greenwise section at Publix - green beans, carrots, beets, taro, turnips (they were such a nice snack, and my children loved them too)
  • roasted soy nuts with sea salt (also from the Greenwise section at Publix)
  • organic Tazo Chai tea with rice milk
  • organic apple with 2 tbsp of peanut butter
  • Bolthouse Farms Vedge Juice (tastes like V8, but with better ingredients)
  • Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries (they were okay, but not great)
  • a couple pieces of pop corn - it may have had butter, but I'm not sure. I ate it without even realizing it!
Thank you so much for your comments and well wishes. It is SUCH an encouragement to me and everyone else who is reading it! ☺☺☺
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  1. Seems like you've managed to go all vegan; however, a recommendation that has been repeated to me a number of times is that you can "be Vegan before dinnertime". It may make the long term transition easier without the pressure. I'm fairly sure that you just end up at the same place anyway.

    Received a cook book from a friend. Have not made much from it but it contains REALLY INTERESTING recipes.. you might want to look at it....

    He's the NY Times foodie... he wrote it as a meatarian wanting to be a lessmeatarian and I think ended up a "vegan before dinnertime' and now is vegan (though don't quote me on that)

    You did well. I'll assume the popcorn was plain :-)