Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Experience at the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market

It was such a lovely spring day, I decided to check out the new Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market. I'm so glad I did! This sizable market in the progressive community of Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida was packed full of healthy, organic, and green wares. Here are my impressions of the event:

  • Beautiful Setting. The Seminole Heights neighborhood has such charm and is full of warm, diverse, community-minded individuals. The market is set up on the lawn of Hillsborough High School, a rare architectural gem in the concrete jungle that is Tampa. I wonder if the students appreciate how beautiful their school is?
  • Kid Friendly (Dog Friendly). There was a little area full of hula hoops for the kids to play with. There were lots of well-behaved children in strollers and well-behaved dogs on leashes. It was a nice way to spend time with your little creatures.
  • Nice Music. Not too loud or overpowering. The band played covers of Sheryl Crow and The Beatles. It set the tone perfectly...♫ I want to soak up the sun ♪....
  • Healthy Food to Eat Now. I'd say there were at least 10 food vendors serving up all sorts of appetizing food, much of which was organic, vegetarian and even vegan. There was a neat little stand that sold vegan patties made from quinoa and oats. There was a juice stand, a smoothie stand and a coffee stand. There were lots of hearty and healthy options, including wood-fired pizzas and breakfast foods.
  • Healthy Food to Eat Later. I was a little disappointed to find only three produce stands. Only one was organic, and there really wasn't too much local produce to be found. The prices were pretty good, though. Much of the produce was gorgeous!
  • Eating Organic on the Cheap. I enjoyed chatting with the man running the organic produce tent (see picture above). He runs an organic food co-op with his wife. They buy organic produce at bulk prices and divide it among the members. It sounds like a great way to get organic fruits and vegetables for the same price as conventional. I plan to look into this further! Click HERE to find out more about their co-op.
To see more pictures of my outing this morning, click HERE. While you're there, be sure to become a fan of Healthy, Green & Frugal on Facebook.

The next installments of the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market will be April 11 and May 9. If you don't live around Tampa, click HERE to find a farmer's market near you.
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  1. Hello Rebecca,

    Just to let you know...we are gearing up for the next season of the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market. Due to the strong support of the community the market will now run from Oct through May -still every 2nd Sunday from 9 - 2. We will have 100+ vendors this season.

    Please tell your friends and stop by and say hello when you are there.

    Greg Barnhill
    Market Coordinator