Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Vegan Experiment - Day 4

I cheated ever-so-slightly today, the fourth day of My Vegan Experiment. I had just a little honey in some honey-mustard dip I made as part of a raw veggie tray for a family get-together. I didn't feel too bad about it because honey is not a reason why I wanted to try a vegan diet. I plan to do a little research about the honey industry and see what the health and ethical issues are. Does anyone have any input?

Anyway, having to eat in a social situation did present a few challenges, as I expected. My sister-in-law's famous chocolate chip cheesecake was alluring, but I stood firm in my resolve. It wasn't too hard. My mantra right now is this:

I will not reward myself with food. Instead, I will reward myself with a healthy body by only eating food that contributes necessary nutrients.

It's hard to imagine maintaining that kind of standard forever. However, I'm not going to think about forever right now. Just this week.

Here's what I ate today. Pretty good. I could easily stand to loose the carbonated juice. I need more fresh fruit. I also read an article today (click HERE) that got me thinking about cutting coffee. I wish they made yerba matte in k-cups.
  • coffee with rice milk
  • assorted raw vegetables: organic broccoli and cauliflower, red peppers, carrots, and lettuce
  • whole grain wrap with hummus, lettuce, spinach, carrots, radish, and kohlrabi (it can be hard to find an acceptable tortilla wrap, but La Tortilla Factory offers a nice soft wrap with 13 g of fiber, 8 g of protein, and no hydrogenated oil or high-fructose corn syrup)
  • sparking raspberry juice (no added sugar)
  • organic raw cashews
  • dried cranberries sweetened with cane juice
  • an organic orange
  • earl grey tea with rice milk
  • soup made mostly from all the odds and ends in my fridge: white kidney beans, organic whole grain brown rice, organic tomato sauce from a can, a fresh organic tomato, onion, and the green tops from the organic kohlrabi and carrots from my Sweetwater pickup.
  • cereal with rice milk
I haven't noticed any new side effects today. Everything is pretty much status quo. However, tomorrow is another day, so we'll just have to see what happens!
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